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Each of Us One in a Million

(courtesy email)

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Metaphors in life: We are bigger than we think!

Yes, we sometimes feel we are microscopic or invisible in this busy, chaotic world – but not so much when we look at the Big Picture. For example – This is morskoi sand under a microscope with a 300-fold increase. … Continue reading

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Walking with Angels

Charol Messenger’s newest book! Review: “Oh, my girl,  I have been wrapped in enchantment and wonder all afternoon. I am almost finished, but it is after six and the natives have been restless. The neighbor has brought over polish vodka, … Continue reading

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True story: Moving Strong Winds

Katie to Charol: “We’ve had significant winds [Wyoming]. Last night was kinda scary – dark clouds, whistling wind, etc. I was pretty nervous. So I decided to use what I read in the workbook [Intuition for Every Day] about calling … Continue reading

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