THE BRINGERS OF HOPE – newest free Kindle book!

FIVE DAYS FREE – NEWEST KINDLE BOOK – Friday Aug 27 – Tuesday Aug 31.

THE BRINGERS OF HOPE: In Jesus’ Words, Today – Expanded Second Edition. Key Life Lessons on Our Challenges of Today. To all peoples in all lands, of all races and all ages, girls boys women men.

Timely All New Messages from Jesus Today, To All of Humanity. Dec 12, 2020 — Mar 17, 2021.

Jesus brings to us today hopeful new messages. This is book 3 in the series.

“Dearest ones, I am not asking you to be Christian or to follow any religion at all. I am sharing with you ideals to live by—for a peaceful life, in which mutual respect is the path, and honor and integrity are the daily guide.

“I speak to you not as a Master of all. I speak to you only as an elder brother who wants for you to be at peace, in your heart, in your mind, and in your daily life. I am your brother. And you may ask for my counsel and emotional support at any time. I am always here for you. I love you. I truly do. I am called Jesus. But you may call me Brother.

“I am speaking to you today as one of the Ascended Masters, representing all of the saints and great spiritual Teachers from all of Earth’s history. For today humanity cries out, Help me! And we all hear you. And we are all here—now—with you. Blessing you. I am your brother, eternally, Jesus-Sananda.”

Kindle pages 431 (paperback 6×9 format 242 pages). Includes complete first edition: Humanity’s Magnificent Future. PLUS all new contents – 39 new pages (24 new chapters). Copyright 2021.


“Lovingly empowering message from Jesus 2,000 years later.” 5 stars. “Humanity has evolved since Jesus was with us in human form and so has his message to us. He lovingly encourages us to look for the hidden divinity within and see through the illusion of isolation. There is so much hope and praise in his words that it feels much easier to do. Besides, the Ascended Masters who walked the Earth with us have done it, so why can’t we, when we too have the spark of God within us? The assurance that Good will prevail and that life on Earth is evolving into a more compassionate expression is coming strongly through this book. This is so uplifting and comforting. I’m very grateful to Charol that she has enabled Jesus to come back and be with us again.” – Michael Matik, London UK, Reiki Master, Remote Healer under the guidance of Archangel Michael. Author of Become Your Higher Self: Experience Fast Spiritual Awakening, free at

In this series IN JESUS’ WORDS, TODAY, Jesus is writing in his own voice and point of view. He also authored all of the previous Messenger books and blogs, which Charol received as her Higher Consciousness.

Soon also at as a free pdf, which you may share freely, worldwide.

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First Place Winner – in both inspirational and spirituality!

HOPEFUL and UPLIFTING nondenominational personal growth spirituality.

Three 2021 Firebird Book Awards. Two FIRST PLACE. Third in personal growth. Plus, 2021 international second place in spirituality (canada, Book Excellence Awards).

Written to all who are feeling the call to help humanity, the animals, the earth and oceans, in your own way. This book is The Divine’s gift to you as you uplift all around you.

Charol Messenger, from my Light to your Light

Also Kindle – and free pdf at which you may share freely worldwide.


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FREE EBOOK – Your Awakening Attitude of Service

Download a FREE copy of

Your Awakening Attitude of Service

​In Jesus’ Words, Today

on The Fifth Level of Consciousness

Key Life Lessons on Empathy and Conscience

from the ascended consciousness of Jesus


To all who are feeling the call to help humanity, the animals, the earth and oceans, in your own way.  This book is The Divine’s gift to you as you uplift all around you.

Free printable pdf.

You may email share for free, worldwide. ​

Also in paperback and Kindle. In 2021 February – also Apple eBook and hardcover.


A Light for Our Times​

Due to the global pandemic, now more than ever before, we are able to see how we really are all connected and that what we each do really does affect others.​

Your Awakening Attitude of Service: In Jesus’ Words, Today is a course of action for living by compassion and conscience. It demonstrates how these are the key to transforming our social attitudes and communities, globally. 

The uprisings, resistance, and protests are The Fullness flushing out the old vibrations to reveal humanity’s inherent grace. Fear has been the enforcer on Earth, until now. Now the tide is turning. ​

It is possible to solve the problems that face humanity: health, economic, social, political, and environmental. It is not too late. A new humanity is transcending, through opening hearts and a shifting attitude: We are all one. We will see the effects of this transformation in this lifetime, in this generation. Humanity’s good is arising as a prevailing force in all lands, from this day forward. 

​From the ascended consciousness of Jesus, we are given timely new teachings, insights, meditations, affirmations, attunements, breath exercises, clearing techniques, attitudes that heal, and an abundance of steps to still the disquiet and shut out the fear—so we can let our conscience be our guide. Through these difficult days, we are called to let our compassion show us what is true and real, in every circumstance. Jesus’ nurturing words stir our hearts to see the Light in every other, to see goodness in all peoples. 

​He lifts our vision to embrace the whole of humanity. His simple plan unlocks our strength and wisdom—as we stand up together for what is right for all and live by kindness in every matter we face. 

 All of the books are coming! Adding one at a time!

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The Journey Begins


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“‘Christmas star’: Jupiter and Saturn align to create the visible bright light in our sky for first time in almost 800 years. This hasn’t happened since the Middle Ages….

WOW. “If you want to catch the rare event, you’ll have to act quickly. The planets will dip below the horizon at around 7 p.m. that night. The two planets will be visible the entire last week of December. This isn’t the only astronomy event that will happen in December. One of the best meteor showers, the Geminid meteor shower, and a total solar eclipse will also happen. Here’s a breakdown of the astronomy events happening this month…”.…/269-34b0330d-2f72-4ac5-82a4…


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