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NEW! Your Awakening Attitude of Service NOW in Paperback!

Best-Selling Author Charol Messenger Launches Her Newest Book in Paperback – YOUR AWAKENING ATTITUDE OF SERVICE. How to live with compassion and conscience in these challenging times, globally. Continue reading

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Take a deep breath. Hope is here. – new video and message, from futurist and global visionary Charol Messenger, since 1975. Multiple award-winning author. VIDEO AT YOUTUBE   YouTube: Charol Messenger Visionary Author books charol messenger Kindle Print Facebook, … Continue reading

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the moment IS NOW, today

Today watching the Vote. Because it matters. Today we have the chance to preserve and protect our democracy. – because spirituality is social responsibility, for the good of the whole. Author Website:  Charol YouTube channel: Charol Messenger Visionary Author … Continue reading

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Peace be with you and upon you, all of your days, and grace you with wisdom, a clear mind and a compassionate heart.

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