How Thrive in this Mad World?

by being You 2.0

FRONT COVERSelf-Improvement is a Winner!

You 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self

is the International 1st Place Winner 2016

in Personal Growth and Self-Development!

You 2.0 is nonfiction on how to overcome the greatest odds in life and how to be spiritual in a busy life.

Key chapters on: How to overcome the greatest odds in life, how to be spiritual in a busy life. Plus:

YOU 2.0 unveils ancient mystery school teachings on how to connect with and utilize your Higher Self awareness and insights–to discover and live your innate purpose and destiny for which you were born, and to more clearly understand the journey and how to apply that new knowledge in your life now. By directly accessing the inner guide, anyone can receive a deeper and clearer understanding of what life is about and how to live as a helper in the world.

Ancient tools and techniques on the process of Higher Self initiation, integration, and planetary service prepare you, as a student of life, for the next steps of the spiritual path. The ten new dimensions of the integrated Self, and the purpose of life and life’s lessons, reveal how to live in service in our busy modern world. In the ancient Soul Merge Meditation–which “came” to Charol and she practices, as she herself “soul merged” with her Higher Self during the awakening–you are given the formula for connecting with your own Higher Self to upgrade your life intention and focus to your next level of service.

“Freedom through spirituality! You 2.0 has changed me forever. My soul felt so much love and kindness. Now I have a better understanding of spiritual duality and who I really am. What a beautiful and uplifting experience I had reading and going through this book. Thank you, Charol Messenger. [I found] freedom through spirituality! 5 stars!” ~ Shanel, college student, Denver 2016

WINNER in PERSONAL GROWTH, 2016 October Book Excellence Awards @bookexcellence.


SERIES Book 2 of 3 on “living Higher Self conscious”


Visionary author Charol Messenger has helped over 62,000 people through her Higher Self books, blog, and readings as a Higher Self Clairvoyant-Empath. She has received 11 awards on seven of her fifteen books on practical spirituality. October 1, 2016, she won three international Book Excellence Awards, selected from hundreds of entries around the world for their “high quality writing, design and market appeal”: 1st Place Winner in personal growth, You 2.0; Finalist in spirituality, Humanity 2.0; Finalist in new nonfiction, The Power of Courage, her newest memoir. A certified lightworker and certified clear channel of the Spiritual Hierarchy, since her spontaneous mystical awakening in 1975, she writes and teaches how to live every day Higher Self conscious.

PRINT BOOKS, WHOLESALE, LIBRARIES    KINDLE    Official Site charolmessenger.com

Higher Self Clairvoyant Empath   For more messages than posted at this blog, follow tweets at twitter.com/higherselfbe    @HigherSelfBe.

Excerpts from her many books will be shared in this blog: Intuition for Every Day, The Soul Path, Wings of Light, You 2.0, Humanity 2.0, The Power of Courage. Many new books 2017 and beyond.

About Charol Messenger, The New Humanity visionary prophetic author

I first talked to God when I was three years old, in my backyard, speaking up to the heavens. I remember a sunny day with clouds. November 2, 1975 at 2:00 a.m., Charol Messenger was shaken out of her mundane life during a sudden life-changing mystical event. After a harrowing week, turning to prayer for help, she fell into a deep slumber, in which she saw angels surrounding her amidst a heavenly glow, heard their chorus of song outside the Gates of Heaven, and felt the presence of Archangel Michael overlighting her. Throughout the night, revelations came in waves to Charol about humanity's future and she saw the potential and true hearts of all humanity. The next day she began writing. January 13, 2019 3:30 a.m., Charol was wakened by an inner nudging and went to her meditation room. In the arm chair, while she was deep in the consciousness, Jesus began speaking to her the first Letter of many that he wishes to share with all humanity. Enveloped in his loving energy, feeling his grace and tenderness and inimitable Presence, she wrote down the words, and they were the first of many. www.awakeningkeys.com
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