YOU 2.0: Living Your Infinite Self

Hi! I am currently very busy writing and publishing (and working as freelance book editor). I will have more new messages from the I AM Consciousness, at some point. For now, announcing: My newest spiritual book now on Kindle!

FRONT COVERQuality paperback 6×9, 286 pages $19.95 on Amazon. Now on KINDLE half price: $9.99. Available to purchase here.

“This Source book is a how-to manual for the serious spiritual seeker on the path…” − Wendy T. Upde, M.A. in Counseling Psychology, transformational teacher

“I felt it was written for me… Incredible and nonintimidating insight into where one is on the path and how to interpret one’s spiritual growth in daily practical terms… Important for those…who seek deeper understanding.” − John Brennan, Founding Dean Regis University School for Professional Studies, Denver

“You 2.0 is an extraordinary collection of information, tools, and techniques for anyone who is on the path of the spiritual warrior. The chapters about how to continue to access our higher selves through our daily lives really helped me retool my days so that I can focus on who I really am, while I still do my day job and all the ‘normal’ daily chores of life here on earth.” − Katie Allen, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, secretary by day 

YOU 2.0 reveals the ancient higher knowledge of the Higher Self initiation and integration process for advancing on the path of living your higher destiny. You are given the formula for connecting with your Higher Self and attaining spiritual enlightenment. Through the analogy of a typical life dilemma, you are shown how your choices result in the consequences in your life. You learn the ten new dimensions of the integrated Self, the purpose of life’s lessons, why you were born, and your place in this Cosmic Age of global awakening—so that you embrace your place in the world as a leader in planetary consciousness and a teacher of light. Why Higher Self integration? Unlike in all the ages past, all knowledge, wisdom, and insight are available to everyone, not only to a devoted few. Every human on earth has direct access to the Divine inner guidance. You, too, have that direct access. It is through the Higher Self.

Since her spontaneous mystical awakening and oversoul merge in 1975, Charol Messenger has served over 29,000 individuals through clairvoyant readings, classes, talks, her books on personal and planetary transformation, and her blog from the Infinite Consciousness. In 1983, Charol was certified as a clear channel by ascended masters (including Djwhal Khul) via The Tibetan Foundation in Denver, Colorado.

About Charol Messenger, The New Humanity visionary prophetic author

I first talked to God when I was three years old, in my backyard, speaking up to the heavens. I remember a sunny day with clouds. November 2, 1975 at 2:00 a.m., Charol Messenger was shaken out of her mundane life during a sudden life-changing mystical event. After a harrowing week, turning to prayer for help, she fell into a deep slumber, in which she saw angels surrounding her amidst a heavenly glow, heard their chorus of song outside the Gates of Heaven, and felt the presence of Archangel Michael overlighting her. Throughout the night, revelations came in waves to Charol about humanity's future and she saw the potential and true hearts of all humanity. The next day she began writing. January 13, 2019 3:30 a.m., Charol was wakened by an inner nudging and went to her meditation room. In the arm chair, while she was deep in the consciousness, Jesus began speaking to her the first Letter of many that he wishes to share with all humanity. Enveloped in his loving energy, feeling his grace and tenderness and inimitable Presence, she wrote down the words, and they were the first of many.
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