Amazon and Kindle My 5 New Books

Dear blog follower,  I am finally beginning to explore how to get the word out about my many new books (where I share the numerous volumes of teachings I have received from my oversoul, the infinite mind, and the angels; in addition to my own stories, which I am also publishing). Perhaps you will LIKE and STAR any of my books, on Amazon? Or if you’ve read a book, write a review? This will help to get the word out and share this material. If you feel it is vital or helpful, please share. Thank you, thank you. Charol Messenger 

In addition to quality paperback print editions of my new books available directly through my website

Here is the link to my main page on Amazon, showing my 5 new books.

Or if you prefer, here are the separate links for each of the 5 books.Intuition for Every Day: Developing Your Sixth Sense  (on Kindle end August)

Wings of Light: Knowing the Angels Who Guide You

The Soul Path: Understanding Your Spiritual Experience

Humanity 2.0: The Transcension

I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can (a memoir)

p.s. The additional book titles listed on my Amazon page are very old first versions being sold by other booksellers. I have integrated those early materials into my new books — plus I have substantially expanded, updated, and improved all of it, so that the latest and best versions of everything are in my five new books listed above. This also applies to upcoming YOU 2.0 (October) and Angels of Serendipity (2013). The new books include everything and are my best and most complete works.  FYI, as I publish each new book (many yet in the works for 2013, 2014, 2015…) I am also putting them on Kindle.

(p.s. the other book titles listed are client books for which I was the book editor)

About Charol Messenger, The New Humanity visionary prophetic author

I first talked to God when I was three years old, in my backyard, speaking up to the heavens. I remember a sunny day with clouds. November 2, 1975 at 2:00 a.m., Charol Messenger was shaken out of her mundane life during a sudden life-changing mystical event. After a harrowing week, turning to prayer for help, she fell into a deep slumber, in which she saw angels surrounding her amidst a heavenly glow, heard their chorus of song outside the Gates of Heaven, and felt the presence of Archangel Michael overlighting her. Throughout the night, revelations came in waves to Charol about humanity's future and she saw the potential and true hearts of all humanity. The next day she began writing. January 13, 2019 3:30 a.m., Charol was wakened by an inner nudging and went to her meditation room. In the arm chair, while she was deep in the consciousness, Jesus began speaking to her the first Letter of many that he wishes to share with all humanity. Enveloped in his loving energy, feeling his grace and tenderness and inimitable Presence, she wrote down the words, and they were the first of many.
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